The 21st-Century Team Member Is a Leader of ONE

Today's tumultuous times have inspired many to rethink the meaning of being leaders and team members in the 21st century. But are we focusing on the right problem?

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    The Real Problem

    According to Bill Fox, "the real problem isn’t our tumultuous world, rapid change, and a global pandemic." Instead, he identifies Industrial Age thinking and practices that no longer fit today's world as the crux of our issues.

    —Cutter Consortium

    The Solution

    Fox's thought-provoking solution? Step into leadership whether that is your formal role or not — because "the ideal team member of the 21st century is a leader of one: themselves."

    — Cutter Consortium

    My Personal Journey

    It's impossible to write about the inner leader journey without mentioning your own story. By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire more people to travel the path I believe we all must take in the 21st century.

    — Bill Fox